Total Stockcrates :: A Brief History

Having worked in the Stockcrate industry for almost a decade a group of us were confident we could build a better product and, frustrated that we were not able to. We realised that to do a better job, we would have to go our own way.

Consequently a group of us got together around a kitchen table and went right through the then current Stockcrate designs with the twin objectives of improving both strength and ease of use. Once we had our designs finalised it was then just a simple matter of securing finance, finding premises, having extrusion dies made for our aluminium extrusions, and setting up a workshop.

We opened our doors on 1/5/2002. A lot of small transport operators supported us in the early stages and our first big break came when Bruce Stephenson  of Stephenson Transport in Waipawa ordered a pair of aluminium crates.

Stephenson’s fleet is now exclusively Total crates and, we will forever grateful to Bruce for his courage in giving us a go as well as his on-going support. Our Stockcrates can now be spread from Manganui in Northland to Titiroa, Edendale and, Ryal Bush in Southland.

(Thanks also to Dean Fitzgerald for his phone call)